Praxis Michael Nitschaewski


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General services

Here is a short overview of some of the services provided by our practice:

  • Complete house-doctor handling and home visiting
  • Lab analysis (blood- and urine-analysis)
  • Ultrasound research of internal organs
  • Test of lungs function
  • General health check
  • Early detection of cancer
  • Consulting regarding food habits
  • Analysis of intolerance to some food types
  • Specialized professiona, sports and driver’s tests and certificates
  • Travelling consulting and travel vaccination
  • Vaccination advice and performing vaccinationImpfberatung und Durchführung von Impfungen
  • Vitamin-rebuilding courses
  • …and more.



Phlebological Vein Diagnosis

We offer a special screening that gives information about the condition of your veins and possible present venous disease. Modern veins diagnostics also allows to proceed to the first steps of an appropriate therapy.
The causes of venous disease are varied, it can be caused by a lack of exercise, prolonged standing or sitting while working, connective tissue or genetic predisposition.
If one or more of these risks apply to you, you should pay particular attention to early signs such as swelling or feeling of heaviness in the legs, because the earlier vein problems are detected, the lower the risks are!
Please don’t hesitate to visit us for a screening. It’s completely painless and requires no appointment!